Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Several years ago I was asked to do a series of small paintings for a party which had a "Narnia" theme.  I was given some specific guidelines in terms of how the images should be arranged, which were slightly different from the way I would have approached them, but you go with what the client wants, right?

Personally, I have always envisioned a plain wardrobe, or perhaps a very low-key wardrobe with slight, mysterious carvings or patterns, not the fully carved, ornate wardrobe that was in the popular movie, similar to the one the client wanted in this painting.  The idea that within a very plain and simple wardrobe lies the extraordinary entrance to another world filled with adventure and danger is very compelling to me, reminding me that what we see on the surface with our eyes often times may not be the whole story.
Mothballs giving way to crunching snow.  These are acrylic washes over paper with gesso, embellished with colored pencil.
Always winter, never Christmas...
I greatly enjoyed working on this project and the party went well--these were used on the invitations.  One day I would like to go back and read again the Chronicles of Narnia and do a series of images from some of the other books.


  1. These works are absolutely beautiful. I loved the Chronicles of Narnia when I was younger and these works help to bring back the memories of the books. Thanks for posting them!!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. I just realized the first image with the wardrobe is not the completed painting...hmmm...where did I put it? When I find it I'll try to post that one also.